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Makeba Centre For Girls

The Makeba Centre for Girls was founded by Dr. Miriam Makeba to provide a home for destitute and/or abused girls between the ages 11-18 years. The Centre was established to cater for the needs of the girls by providing a home environment, professional counseling and support, practical vocational training and life skills development services to enable the girls to become self-sufficient and to prepare them for re-integration into society.

The Makeba Centre for Girls is committed to providing emotional, educational, moral and spiritual support facilities, which are augmented by enhancing the young women’s practical and life skills; thereby, gradually enabling them to re-integrate into society where they will consequently begin to experience full, meaningful and sustainable lives.

The Makeba Centre for Girls is geared at providing a personalized, yet focused care environment and employment to a broad range of professional and functional service providers to create a suitable environment for self-improvement for the young girls. At the same time, the girls are placed in primary and high school to continue their educational advancement.

The objective is to ensure that the young girls have access to opportunities, which will restore their sense of human dignity, self-respect, discipline and provide them with a positive sense of community, purpose and a sense of hope for an economically and socially sustainable future.

This is in response to the increasing number of girls in this age group who are destitute, abused and those that are being orphaned by parents dying from AIDS-related causes or other illnesses and/or some come from dysfunctional families, but all appear to have found a happy home in Midrand. The girls, usually from troubled homes, have been brought to the centre from the Department of Social Welfare, from Family and Child Welfare and from the South African Police Service.

The Makeba Centre for Girls vision is that within the next ten years, the destitute and abused young girls passing through the Centre, would have re-built their lives, regained their dignity and would have been re-integrated into society as aspiring and potential future leaders of South Africa and role model citizens of the world. It is also envisioned that within the same period, the programs provided by the Centre would have been replicated to the other eight provinces.

The Rehab Centre is the brainchild of Mama Dr. Miriam Makeba, who is playing a pivotal role in the visioning and strategizing for the Centre’s future activities.

As Founder and Patron of the Centre she worked in close consultation with Board Members who are the appointed custodians of the Centre’s welfare and assets.

As the project grows and is replicated Nationally, ~The Makeba Centre For Girls Trust now known as Dr. Miriam Makeba - Mama Africa Cultural & Social Trust ~, the Public Benefit Organization is established to act as an umbrella body that will oversee the activities of the various centers Nationally. And, playing a pivotal role in the visioning, fundraising and strategizing for the overall Centre/s to be established in the nine Provinces of Republic of South Africa future activities, sustainability and continuous development for generations to come.

The position of Founder Patron will remain as Dr. Miriam Makeba along with her Trust namely Makeba Centre For Girls Trust now known as Dr. Miriam Makeba - Mama Africa Cultural & Social Trust; will continue to perform her strategic representation and advisory functions which are central to the programmer's good public relations.

Physical address: 131 President Road President Park Midrand 1685
Legal form: Voluntary Association
Date of founding: 2001-01-23 00:00:00
Postal address: P O Box 1128 Halfway House Midrand 1685
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Contact name: Ms Noni Raadt
Telephone number: 011 058 9210
Cellphone number: 082 040 0731
Registration number: 224-866 NPO
Registration status: Registered